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Rise Up To Hold The Hand Of Vulnerable People and Changing The Unchangeable With The Divine Power Of The Cross.


                                    OUR MOTTO:

The Devil Has Lost The Battle.

                                        OUR DOCTRINE /FAITH

  1. Moving with Christ Ministries affirms that leadership development is a lifelong process done primarily on the job through mentoring with our Lord Jesus Christ as the ultimate model and mentor. (John15:4-11).
  2. Opening up the Sense of Understanding about God’s Word.
  3. Valuing everyone in the Community in the way they are according to God’s word.
  4. Inspiring God’s Children with divine revelation and Power from God’s Word.
  5. Nailing Satan in the Position of defeat.
  6. Giving God the Glory in the area of achievements and non-achievements.
  7. Moving with Christ Ministries affirms the holism of the kingdom where there is no dichotomy between evangelism, personal and social transformation. (Lk4:18-19; James2:26; Mathew21:43)
  8. Moving with Christ Ministries will always endeavor to uphold biblical standards as the true measure of all leadership and not cultural standards while recognizing as essential the adaptation of language, style and form in communication (2peter1:3-8)
  9. Moving with Christ Ministries seeks leadership advice which is rooted in integrity and effectiveness.  Proverbs11:3; Proverb10:9.
  10. Moving with Christ Ministries seeks to serve, churches, organizations, community, and individuals with humility and respects for their calling before God. (2chron16:9; Zec4:6-10).
  11. Moving with Christ Ministries is committed in partnering with others who seek to enhance all members of the body of Christ regardless of their national origin, gender, role, or ethnicity. (2thessalonians1:11-12)
  12.   Moving with Christ Ministries believe in opening p churches (Church planting), with love, joy, peace, and helping one another in the ministries.
  13. Moving with Christ Ministries its priority is Christians Leaders who have the access to Spiritual, human and material resources help to attach the least access. (Mathew25:40,45).   
  14. Moving with Christ Ministries help in supporting orphanage and physical support a time and churches also. 
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